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Yestoday is PanSTARRS' second release - (for free downoad enter an amount of 0.00 US Dollars)


released October 27, 2013

Written by PanSTARRS

Recorded and mixed by Nader Ahmed (www.facebook.com/naderahmedmusic)

Mastered by Zuli (www.facebook.com/zulimusic)



all rights reserved


PanSTARRS بان ستارز Cairo, Egypt

alternative rock band based in Cairo, Egypt

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Track Name: So Little Time
so little time so little space
not breathing enough i feel so weak
scream loud and find my long lost mind
how can i be myself in you
i'm laying down i'm laying down
can't see you smile, can't see you smile

want nothing and i'll be complete
happy man of every universe
they're floating fast around my face
want things that i can never lose
science of existence cease my pain
so little time so little space
Track Name: Fools
all alone

don't judge, fuck you don't, it's time to shut you down
i can't feel a smile, get get what you want to hear
get back i'm breathing through, your mind is gonna crash
why don't you sit around, somethings that i may have found
fools fools fools fools (x)

stop and head anywhere, you feel in your bones
can come by a day, if not your whole life
move out, be alone, i talk and i find
a friend in myself, try to do the same

where is yourself (x4)
Track Name: Off Love
life, tired enough
in my sleep, what is sleep
if no one talks to me

smiles and deep squeaks
on a ground, can't find one
into death, i have seen

now, in times
times off love
i've got no sense to make
Track Name: In Bed
we live in times of great change
people i meet in wrong times
crisis is good, sheds my skin
like a snake in the dark
hidden at heart, inside out
a peace beyond my own mind
change is not letting go
i am too lost in space

always have done always have seen (x2)

comfy bed, such a lie
meet yourself out of you
things should be, they are not
already are, it exists
cast my head into doubt
just a wave in the crowd
loud enough to stand out
what is next after time...

always have done always have seen (x2)

live your life through love or fear (x)
Track Name: Please
days are long and nights are cold without you near it's bold
it is not enough to watch you cry and scream your heart
seems i'm just too lost and i'll go now to sleep in you
suddenly i'm all alone when you found your sad sad mind

it's a world with nothing to say hi and feel my the rain
pleasure is my pain, without no peace and plastic love
we are born alone, we live alone, we die alone
please and please but please, if not just please my only sad sad mind

stay around, stay around
stay around my sad mind, stay around

days are long and nights are cold (x703)
Track Name: Ayez Anam / عايز أنام
لازم يعني أشوف, ناس ماشية في بعضها
طلعت وقفت قدام, اخد بصة وأنام
كورة حمرا في السماء, داخلة في عيني بسكوت
خضرا ولا حمرا, هنشوف, هنشوف
هنشوف هنشوف

هي تنادي اسمي, وانا أروح تحت الباب
أقعد بعيد في مكان, مفيهوش غير أحلام
دنيا فاضية فاضية, كسمين أم دي دنيا
دنيا فاضية فاضية, كسمين أم دي دنيا

كل الناس بتموت وانا عايز أنام...
كل الناس بتموت وانا عايز أنام...
وانا عايز أنام...
وانا عايز أنام...
وانا عايز...